Everest Academy attended at Smartphone Expo 2013- Updated

Posted by Rob Adie on 11 Jan 2013
A competitor in the EYC at Ratho, Edinburgh.
11 Jan 2013

Everest Academy attended in Smartphone Expo 2013 held at Bangabandhu Internatioal Conference Center from January 11 to January 13. There is a very keen relation between the adventure and smart gadgets. So, Everest Academy was present there to project the linkage among the viewers which was applauded widely.
Everest Academy offered a unique chance to participate in its new pre-basic mountaineering training at a discounted price. The pioneer organization in adventure arena in Bangladesh also offered a digital camera for the going to be best trainee. Near to hundred of enthusiasts had shown their interest for enrolement.
Enthusiastic viewers got an opportunity at the Everest Academy stall to watch the mountaineering equipments used at the Everest Expedition by the first Bangladeshi to conquer the Mt. Everest on May 23, 2010 - Musa Ibrahim.
Moreover, Lal Bahadur Jirel - Sherpa and First Jirel of Nepal to conquer the Mt Everest on May 23, 2010 and co-climber of Musa Ibrahim was another attraction for the viewers.

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